• Spec Ops Drop Leg Holsters


    Spec Ops Drop Leg Holsters has the G-Code Drop Leg platform with a G-Code Universal RTI Hanger. This means the holster can be taken off of the platform and put on any of G-Code's other RTI platforms. 

    Unlike our other holsters that are made out of 0.080" kydex, the Spec Ops Drop Leg Holster is made with 0.093 thickness kydex *Due the thickness change, there are less color options*

    This has 3 options, leave it with adjustable retention or have it made with Blade-Tech's WRS Level II Hood that rocks forward after pushing the thumb piece towards the body or get it with Blade-Tech's Level II Thumb Break with the snap button. 

    This rig is made for door kickers and pipehitters!